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Your Lazy Fast Pass

Strawberry and White Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream - The Duo Dishes

Today seemed like a good day to talk about ice cream. Not because of the holiday and not because of the summer weather. Mostly because there hasn’t been an ice cream post on this site in the longest time. Last August, there was a Double Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups based on one of Alton Brown’s recipes. That one was rich, smooth and creamy due to the chocolate of course, but also half a dozen egg yolks. Just imagine. This summer, there have been a few successful ice creams churned in the kitchen that do not include eggs. Yes, you can whisk together an eggless ice cream base in seconds, churn it in minutes and eat it not long afterwards. It is the best way to have homemade ice cream in no time if you’re feeling somewhat lazy. Surely, someone knows that being lazy can result in glorious results.

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Cakes, Pies & Tarts

One for the Road

When you’re going on a road trip–whether it’s two hours or twelve–it’s always nice to have a little snack. Some people bring apples and granola bars, but we had pop tarts. Please don’t hold that against us! There have been homemade pop tarts all over the cooking blogosphere. The first blogs on which we spotted them were Chickens in the Road and Bake Me More. Then this year, they came back on Cake Spy and Smitten Kitchen. They seemed so simple–flakey, buttery pie dough stuffed with jam. If we couldn’t handle that, then it would just be a shame. After a year of watching other folks do it, it was finally time for us to have at it. Who can say no to a pop tart? Especially when you’re driving down the 5!
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Special Events

Impossible to Avoid

Almond Strawberry Cake-Duo Dishes

Birthdays come every year, and no matter what, they cannot be avoided. As we mentioned a few days ago, October is the favorite month for both of us for our own reasons. If you were to create a Venn diagram, you’d see one of the shared reasons is the fact that our birthdays are in October. (Not to mention several other friends as well.) First is Chrystal, then Amir, which makes us an interesting Libra/Scorpio pair, respectively. Very interesting! Never shunning an opportunity to cook, we threw the first party of the month with cake and cocktails of course. There’s no such thing as a birthday sans cake and cocktails. We are also responsible and do not want to send our friends out into the world on sugar alone, so we whipped up a few savory nibblets as well.

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Sergio’s Test Kitchen

Sergio cooks-Duo Dishes

We have great friends who like to cook as we do. More and more, our amigos are sending us Facebook and Gchat messages about what they just made.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get a text with a photo.  As foodies, we are easily excited by meals that we make ourselves, but it’s nice to see our friends beaming with pride over their dishes.  Sergio is a good friend of ours who lives far across the world in Harlem, New York.  He’s made several trips out to LA, and believe it or not, during those visits, we’ve never cooked for him nor he for us.  We do know that he likes to throw parties for friends and invite them over for holiday dinners every once in a while, so clearly he must know what he’s doing.  He was delighted to receive an invitation to be the August guest for our Test Kitchen series.  Let’s see what he’s cookin’, shall we?

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Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Teach a Man to Fish

LP & Kerri-Duo Dishes

We feel very lucky to have a third round with Foodbuzz’s 24, 24, 24 series.  Literally the second the call for entries was announced, we had the idea.  The old adage says ‘If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day.  Teach him how to fish, and he’ll eat forever.’  We believe in that all the way.  Quite frankly, we cook for ourselves all the time, and we cook for friends and family all the time.  We are always ready to share our food experiences with other people, but not everyone can quite appreciate everything in the same ways as we do.  We have a couple of friends who we’ve always deemed ‘picky’, whereas they find themselves to be ‘particular’.  Semantics really.  The interesting thing is that they both have a desire to expand their own cooking prowess in the kitchen, and that is where we saw a spot for the Duo.

We are not Martha Stewart and Gordon Ramsey, but we like helping and teaching people in the kitchen.  Our goal is to take two specific eaters and work with them to construct a three course menu, assist in the shopping and, of course, pitch in with the cooking.  In the end, our hope is that they will have put at least one or two toes outside of their comfort zone and end the evening with a couple of recipes that they can re-create anytime, on their own.  On your marks…

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Cakes, Pies & Tarts

We’re Playing Favorites

goat-cheese-tart-1-The Duo Dishes

As a rule, you should refrain from favoring one child over the other.  It can create animosity, jealousy and kicks and bites when you’re’re not looking.  You’re bound to create a problem if you have a favorite kid.  We don’t have children, but this seemed like a fun metaphor.  Food is not like a child.  You can have a favorite food, and no one will be upset or vengeful.  You can indulge in it everyday if you like.  It can be your secret, or you can proclaim it loud and proud.  If you saw our Southern cookin’ post, then maybe you recall a mystery final course we mentioned. This is it. Hands down, this is probably our new favorite dessert, and we’re letting you know right here and now.  OK, so the picture above is probably not the best one in the world, but wait.  Just wait until you see the next one.

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