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Creamy Muhammara Sauce

Moroccan Truffle Fries Duo 1 - The Duo Dishes

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It’s the summer, and you’re probably enjoying your share of ice cream, hot dogs, burgers and fries? The latter is one of my favorite fried foods, which is a popular indulgence for so many. When they come in the form of my favorite vegetable, I’m absolutely sold. If I see them on a menu, sweet potato fries are my side dish of choice. The only caveat is the they must be perfectly crispy and served with a unique sauce. Because sauces, dips and spreads are, in my opinion, the best way to transform everyday dishes into something noteworthy. Pair a really good sweet potato fry with an excellent condiment like muhammara, and it’s game on.  Continue reading “Creamy Muhammara Sauce”

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard Salad

Sweet Potato Swiss Chard Salad 1 - The Duo Dishes

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Last week and throughout this past weekend, I spent several days hanging out with food and cocktail bloggers and members of the Dole Packaged Foods team. Ally from Ally’s Kitchen was in town again to complete another handful of projects as this year’s Dole Social Media Ambassador, including shooting recipe videos and MC’ing this year’s Dole Cookoff. Ally won last year’s Cookoff, and we initially met during March’s Dole Blogger Summit. She is one of the most exuberant and friendly people I’ve ever met, and her love for cooking is the cherry on top. The 2014 Dole Cookoff is over, and a new person sits on Ally’s throne. I served as a sous chef for Naylet LaRochelle whose Breezy Indian Spiced Chicken with Mango Peanut Sauce, Dates and Grilled Mango took the $25,000 prize. I can’t wait to share that experience with you, but now…it’s all about this salad.

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When Chili Is Not Quite Chili

Sweet Potato White Bean Chili Vegetables - The Duo Dishes

Are you the kind of person who makes up an appropriate name for your dish if it does not quite fit between normal classification lines? Our friend hosted a Grammy-viewing party, and chili was on the menu. Several people brought different types of chili, while others supplied various toppings. One of the chili offerings is the one you’ll find right here in this blog post. All the while, behind the scenes, there was an internal monologue about whether or not this dish truly qualified as a chili. When I told Amir, it was more of a soup, I figured we could call it a ‘shili’ or a ‘choup’. You can let us know what you think. The sure thing is that this recipe is definitely delicious. Continue reading “When Chili Is Not Quite Chili”

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Lillani’s Guest Test Kitchen

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger - The Duo Dishes

It’s time to share our first Guest Test Kitchen of the year. This one comes from our friend, Lillani, and an old co-worker of Amir’s. Lani has always been a conscious eater. From her very first introduction, she’s maintained a “vegetarian-ish” diet by avoiding most, but not all, meat products. Now it seems, though, that she’s fully crossed over and sticks to a more strict vegetarian diet. She shares with us an easy veggie burger recipe that’s sure to win over even the most avid meat eater. Enjoy! Continue reading “Lillani’s Guest Test Kitchen”

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Roll Through Thanksgiving Dinner To Breakfast

Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Rolls - The Duo Dishes

Amir and I are both knee-deep, or maybe it’s thigh-high, in holiday preparations. The fall is our favorite month for respective reasons, but the fact that food and festivities abound is a large part of it. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? For many of you, the last day or so has been all about shopping and cooking. If you lucked out, you spent that time watching other people shop and cook. Regardless, the holiday madness is around you, and you’ve probably been sucked in. Just remember to breathe, delegate, and most of all, eat well! These Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Rolls are a good place to start.

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Emily’s Test Kitchen

A day doesn’t go by when Emily and I don’t talk about food. As a colleague of mine, we always find time in the work day to recount last night’s sensational meal, share a new must-try recipe, or muse over tomorrow’s dinner. It was clearly a “no-brainer” for her to share her culinary passions with you as our next guest blogger in our Test Kitchen series. And for the first time, I’m happy to say I actually got to taste a Guest Test Kitchen creation. Emily brought me a sample of this delightful salad to work, of which I gobbled down in less than 2 minutes later that evening after a strenuous workout. I am sorry that Chrystal missed out on this one, especially knowing how much she adores sweet potatoes. Like her, you’ll just have to whip it together for yourself. You’ll be glad you did! Here’s Emily with more… Continue reading “Emily’s Test Kitchen”

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When Two Become One

Potato au Gratin is one of those dishes that you may have ordered from a restaurant too many times to count, but it may be likely that you’ve never had it at home. Well, at least that was the case for us, not counting the boxed versions our respective parents may have whipped up long ago. No offense to Betty Crocker, but it was time to experience the homemade, from scratch variety of this dish. Instead of scouring the web for recipe suggestions and inspiration, for once, I reached for my towering book shelf. Chrystal and I have dozens of cookbooks that make for lovely decoration, but shamefully, they are not used as often as they should be in the kitchen. That’s all about to change. Continue reading “When Two Become One”