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Our Summer Southern Twist

We do a lot of talking about Southern foods. Maybe it’s because we miss them so! There’s something comforting and familiar with all of the foods we remember from our respective youths (even if that youth extended to our college years). We associate these foods with memories of family and friends on birthdays and holidays. No Thanksgiving or Christmas are complete without key dishes that only certain people are entrusted to make, and they know exactly who they are. One of the Southern dishes we’ve lamented the loss of would be shrimp and grits. It’s not a complicated meal, but it is full of complexity in its own right. A mouthwatering bowl of shrimp and grits will remind you of all that is good in the world, and you will be craving more. Oh yes, it is that serious, and you’ll see why.

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Just Give It a Try

There are several vegetables and legumes that get the shaft, and who’s to say why.  We all have our preferences of course, and that’s allowed.  Usually it stems from a childhood aversion to whatever your mom may have made that you slid under the table to the dog.  Or perhaps you had a really bad experience after eating something different at a friend’s house, and you vowed never again to let it touch your lips.  Brussels sprouts seem to be the biggest culprit.  Either you love them or hate them–there’s no in between.  There are other veggies that fall on either side of the love-hate spectrum.  If you happen to dislike spinach, black eyed peas or squash, this dish may not be for you.  If you love one or all of those ingredients, this boatful of vegetable goodness will rock your world.

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The First of Many

The list of recipes to try from fellow bloggers grows with each day. We have come across too many recipes that would be made that second if there was enough time. Unfortunately, all the time in the world usually does not exist. It would be worth it to give more recipes a test run, and there’s no time better than…today. Joy the Baker always has mouthwatering posts throughout the weeks. There are probably more than we could ever make, but one of the fairly recent ones was a keeper. Not only did it look appetizing, but it was also timely. No better reason than that to give it a try.

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Claudia’s Test Kitchen

Shrimp & Grits-Duo Dishes

Welcome back to June’s installment of the Guest Test Kitchen!  In case you forgot, or didn’t know, the Duo hails from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (so much pride, we had to say the whole name!).  Last time we were in NC, we went to breakfast right after leaving the airport.  We were thrilled to see all the Southern staples on the menu, especially grits which is actually one of our favorites.  For the whole meal, we lamented over grits missing in our lives out West.  Polenta abounds, but its Southern cousin is either ignored or poorly executed. So just for us, Claudia Hill (another UNC alum and mother to a good friend) cooked a recipe in her kitchen from Charlotte, NC featuring the prized corn mush–grits.  Take it away Claudia!

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It’s Holiday Party Time

Holiday Cookie PlatterTree trimming, egg nog drinking, cookie baking and hors d’oeuvres prepping galore!  It’s a time where you  may be hosting your own fête or trudging to a friend’s for their festivities.  Either way, you most likely have to whip up a ‘lil platter to bring.  Or at least we think you should.  Your friends and family will probably like you even more.  Or at least we think they should.  Of course holiday soirées will be in full effect between now and New Year’s, so if you’re in charge of something other than bringing the wine, we suggest you give one of these a try.  They were a hit with our folks!

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