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Where Lost Is Found

Spiced Walnut Bar 1 - The Duo Dishes

There are some ingredients that keep so well in your freezer. Flours, polenta, homemade cookie dough rolled into individual balls and ready for the baking. Nuts too. If you are someone who packs away bags of raw nuts–we’re not talking about Planters here–then you know what it means to have protein-packed snacks on hand at any time. The unfortunate thing is that nuts can spoil, so as the temperature starts to rise, keep your nuts in the freezer. Their natural oils will prevent them from actually freezing, and you’ll be able to toast, chop and grind away without worrying about potentially rancid ingredients. Just don’t forget they’re in there. Then, when you feel like baking up a sweet treat, you can make these walnut bars. Continue reading “Where Lost Is Found”

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When It Works, It Works

It was just over a year ago that we featured a walnut pesto recipe for penne pasta. It was fast, easy and satisfying. Pesto is one of the simplest things you can adapt to your tastes or to what you have on hand. If you have nuts, herbs, oil and a little citrus, you can make pesto. A bit of parmesan cheese is just the icing on the cake. Over the holidays, especially when you have guests, you have to keep in mind that they want to eat the few days before the big event as well. That means you have to make other dishes besides the turkey, ham and pies. What do you pull out when you’re not in the mood to make a huge meal for every meal? Well, pasta of course. Pasta with pesto.

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Revisiting a Good One

Last May, we featured our first crepe recipe on this blog. Pieces of chicken, cherry tomatoes, spinach and havarti cheese were spooned between pillow-like layers of spinach crepes. This was a perfect example of the savory crepe, which is occasionally overshadowed by the Nutella or jam filled varieties. This was a perfect example of a savory crepe that needed to be repeated. When you cook often, sometimes dishes do not resurface as much as they should. Does anyone else have that problem? We should go back to old favorites more often, especially if it was worth the time and effort. Just like people, a good dish deserves a second chance.

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Ride It Upside Down

Surprisingly, many of our friends have never tasted Pineapple Upside Down Cake. For those of you who have experienced this delightful dessert, you are fully aware of the inherent travesty in the previous sentence. Since we love to make mini versions of our favorite treats, especially desserts, we thought individual servings would be a fun way to share this cake with our friends, plus we wanted to initiate the new set of ramekins from World Market. If you remember our January Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 dinner, they were part of the gift sets we gave to our friends for the evening. If you’re going to gift folks with kitchenware, you should at least give it a test run yourself!

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Never Just One Version

Walnut Sage Pesto Pasta-Duo Dishes

Just like homemade salad dressings, pesto has a million variations. We like to experiment with flavors based on what’s available at the time, and we always keep it fairly simple–nuts, a hard cheese, herbs, citrus and garlic. Pesto. At least, that’s how we do it. There’s no reason to stick with tradition when you can come up with fun twists on the original. There are a lot of good premade pestos on the market, and we’ve definitely made use of them. This time, it was worth the effort to make it. Actually, it’s always worth the effort if you have the ingredients on hand. Give it a go just one time, and you’ll see how easy and delicious it can be.
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Never Leave Well Enough Alone

Apple Raisin Walnut Cake-Duo Dishes

It’s official. We cannot stop ourselves from tweaking recipes. It’s a bad habit. Here we go, with intentions of making a classic tarte tatin, which turned into the bright idea of trying a tarte tatin cake. Oh, but it does not stop there. Ina Garten has this deliciously classic (at least in terms of the tarte tatin element) recipe that seemed perfect. Well, perfect with a few changes. So many changes that it’s hard to say if we even have the same exact cake. We’re red handed guilty. In an effort to pay homage to a classic French dessert, we invite you to check out this revamped version!

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Other Sweet Treats

Reused and Recycled

Date and Walnut Galette-Duo Dishes

This dessert is not 100% ours. We admit that fully. This dessert came about after eating these amazing walnut, date and orange wontons after we assisted another class at Hipcooks. Fried dough stuffed with sweet dates, bright orange flavor and crunchy walnuts…heaven! There was extra filling left over after class, and instead of letting it go to waste, we were allowed to wrap it up and bring it home. Ding ding ding, we had an idea. Cookies? No. Fruit bars? Eh. Pancake filling? Maybe next time. We both love tarts to death and decided to make good use of this premade filling for a little sweet nibblet.  Voici la galette!

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