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Leaning into Summer

Malibu Wines - The Duo Dishes

Last weekend, I celebrated a friend’s birthday at Malibu Wines Tasting Room. A dozen friends and I ventured to the Santa Monica Mountains, where we sipped vino under the bright sun and toasted to the coming summer. Of course, as well, we ate! Each person brought an array light nipplets to share with the group. We passed around thin slices of mortadella, stuffed gourmet olives, and strawberries dipped in goat cheese among other things. Of course, I had to bring something too. My contribution to our afternoon, birthday picnic would be an oversized crostini featuring smoked salmon and avocado. Continue reading “Leaning into Summer”

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Getting into the Spirit

Glogg - The Duo Dishes

We’re getting into the spirit of the season just like everyone else. In addition to the gingerbread men, peppermint delights, and traditional Christmas cookies, we love to include an adult treat in our Holiday repertoire of goodies. I enjoy eggnog as part of my winter routine. Chrystal, on the other hand, is not the biggest fan of dairy, boozy drinks. Being that many of my in-laws have a Swedish heritage, I thought a glogg recipe would be the perfect alcoholic seasonal beverage to share. Continue reading “Getting into the Spirit”

Special Events

Burgundy Wines: A Whole New World

On Friday, February, 12th, the Burgundy Wine Board hosted a wine tasting at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The aim was not only to showcase wines from more than 20 exhibitors across four levels of appellation, but also to delve further into the story of wine production in Bourgogne and to highlight the lives those who own and operate these wineries. They presented a full day’s program complete with a training session in the morning, followed by the actual tasting in the afternoon. Esi from Dishing Up Delights was also at the event, so it was going to be an entire day of wine tasting with a partner.
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Now It’s Your Turn

Sea Bass and Couscous-The Duo Dishes
The original dish from B & B in D.C.

You may have already guessed that we love ourselves a dinner party.  Love it!  From planning the menu, shopping for the groceries and assembling all the goodies in the kitchen to passing out the plates, laughing with friends, and of course sipping on some wine.  Our parties usually involve lots of wine–that’s just how we do.  Then there’s the dancing around the kitchen when the food tastes just right.  Our parties always involve lots of dancing…tasting and dancing.  It all brings us complete joy. The best part of the whole thing is sitting down after all the hard work and taking that first bite.  What’s better?  We just don’t know!

These dinner gatherings usually involve us hosting and cooking everything, but it wasn’t too long ago we were on the East coast and invited to a dinner party where the whole meal was prepared by someone else–a lovely couple by the names of Brooke and Ben.  We love these parties just as much–the ones where we arrive and just eat.  It really was wonderful handing over the apron and being the guest for a change. The food looked absolutely beautiful and tasted so delectable that we had no choice but to recreate a similar feast for our friends a couple of weeks ago.  We observed all of the food prep during the first party and took notes of the hosts’ cooking prowess. This post captures our version of that special meal Brooke and Ben created.  We did our own little spin to each dish of course, but the essence of the original feast was there, even their idea of cooking most of the meal “en papillote”.  So fancy.

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Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Eating Down the New Year Parisian Style

Lauberge de montparnasseOh yes, that’s right ladies and gents.  The New Year was spent in Paris.  And it was lovely.  Quite lovely at that.  Being an American in Paris is already special, but being an American in Paris on New Year’s Eve is spectacular!  Especially when you get to spend the last day of the calendar year feasting on fabulous French cuisine.  No doubt there is nothing but good eats in the City of Light, and lucky for us, we found them.  This  meal was even better because Duo was chosen to be part of’s December 24 ,24, 24 extravaganza–24 meals from 24 bloggers in 24 hours around the world.  Chouette!

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It’s Holiday Party Time

Holiday Cookie PlatterTree trimming, egg nog drinking, cookie baking and hors d’oeuvres prepping galore!  It’s a time where you  may be hosting your own fête or trudging to a friend’s for their festivities.  Either way, you most likely have to whip up a ‘lil platter to bring.  Or at least we think you should.  Your friends and family will probably like you even more.  Or at least we think they should.  Of course holiday soirées will be in full effect between now and New Year’s, so if you’re in charge of something other than bringing the wine, we suggest you give one of these a try.  They were a hit with our folks!

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