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Looking for a Push

Penne with Goat Cheese, Mascarpone and Olives

This has been an exhausting month. We’ve been celebrating new jobs, birthdays galore, the arrival of good friends, checking out new restaurants and just enjoying all things fabulous about fall. Somewhere in there, we’ve been expected to cook. It’s possible that little piece of the pie fell through the cracks. Of course, we enjoy cooking, but perhaps this is one of those times when it felt like we had to make something. For the sake of the blog, for the sake of our readers. Is this how it feels when people get a bit of the blogging blues? If there’s one thing we both want to avoid, it’s the feeling that cooking is a chore. Some activities are hard to enjoy when they feel like obligations. When times like this arise, you find an easy way to solve the problem.
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We Like It Hot…Kinda

Fajita fixins-Duo Dishes

Have you ever added spice to something with slight trepidation in your heart?  Gently shaking ground cayenne pepper on chicken cutlets or lightly tossing extra sriracha into a steaming wok of fried noodles, all the while afraid that the outcome may be too hot to handle.  We like kick in our food, but we have accidentally added a bit too much, and once it’s in there, it’s hard to cut.  Call us wimps if you like, but we just can’t handle it. We try to ride the line between spicy tingle and burnin’ ring ‘o fire mouth.  Although we both come from a line of folks who like to toss on those ‘kick your a$$ to high heaven’ or ‘not for wussy wimps’ hot sauces, we just haven’t been able to work our way up to sweating while we’re eating.  It’s not our style. We hit the kitchen with a desire for something that would ride the line without sitting too far on either side–not too bland and definitely not overwhelming.

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Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Creativitea on the Grill

tea-Duo Dishes

We’re a tad frazzled with this month’s 24, 24, 24, but we hope our vision comes together for you in the end!  When Foodbuzz sent out a call for entries, we submitted our proposal just a couple of hours later.  The idea was buzzing in our heads, and we knew it’d be so fun to complete.  Unfortunately, we weren’t chosen.  Boo.  But one week later, we received word of a last minute cancellation, which meant there was room for us to squeeze in.  Yay!  We really love hosting these types of events for our friends, so needless to say, this was a great way to roll into the upcoming weekend.  And then it hit us!  We had a lot of planning to do–planning that we clearly had not been prepared to do.  So we went back to square one and started to re-brainstorm from where we’d left off following the proposal.  From there, it was nothing but a blast!

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Much Better This Time

Lemon Ginger Cream Cheese Muffins-Duo Dishes

Let us say that the original run at the rodeo with this recipe was a disaster.  Of massive proportions.  Imagine a muffin recipe that calls for sour cream, buttermilk or yogurt.  You purchase sour cream during the day at work, but when you’re home and ready to get to it, you realize the sour cream is still sitting in the fridge ten miles from your current location.  Instead of running out to purchase the missing ingredient again, you use regular milk. Well, this would probably be fine and dandy any other day, but the recipe is citrus packed–full of lemon juice and zest–resulting in a curdled batter that, when baked, produces muffins that are heavy, sunken and chewier than expected in the middle.  Just a little rain on this parade!  We had to do it again, and this time, we’d use the proper ingredient.

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Citrus is Our New Black

Lemon and zest

How easy is it to pick out your favorite ingredient? If you had to pick just one, would you blurt it out quickly or would it take a few minutes to decide? Sometimes it feels like you’re shunning the rest of the cooking world’s little gems with just one word. That’s why we’re going to cheat and use one word that really encompasses several complimentary, yet unique ingredients–citrus. Just go to the search bar on this page, type in lemon, lime, orange or zest, and a million of our recipes should pop up. We love citrus fruits. The flavors are always so clean and fresh, they accentuate other ingredients, and they can add great color to a dish. There’s nothing better than popping it into a recipe for extra, yet subtle oomph. Continue reading “Citrus is Our New Black”