Loading Up on Good Stuff

Couscous and Pesto Vegetables-Duo Dishes

We all know the benefits of healthier eating, so we won’t bore you with the blah, blah, blah.  We will say that there is a completely different satisfaction that comes from eating healthier.  We love our cheesey pizzas, fluffy cakes, buttery cookies, crispy calzones, and ketchup dipped French fries as much, if not more, than you, but usually those meals and snacks can leave you feeling empty.  Sounds odd that heavy, high calorie foods can do that, but it’s true.  A belly full of empty calories affects you immediately (hello, sugar high or deathly stomachaches!), but a belly full of the good stuff leaves you vibrant, satisfied and guiltless.  It’s nice to have those types of meals to remind you that eating smart can still taste good.  Might as well squeeze a few healthy meals in between those pizza slices and French fries when you can.

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Flashing. Lights.

Roasted Squash & ZucchiniWe’ve been messing around with our camera, attempting to find out how to properly light a photo when you do not have proper light.  Needless to say, it is difficult.  But, while watching The Astronaut Farmer and cooking up dinner, it all became clear!  (Also:  If there has ever been a time to learn how to real manuals for technological objects, it was last night.)  And tada!  Out of the darkness and into the light.  Well, at least moreso than the previous attempts.  With a little more practice, much more improvement.  What beautiful red, yellow and green luminating from our roasting veggies.  On a chilly Los Angeles November night, they were the perfect combination of warm and healthy. Continue reading “Flashing. Lights.”